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Save money by renting
blinds for your testing needs.


Whether you need ANSI, API or MSS blinds, we have them in our rental inventory. We also carry all the ancillary components you may need to complete your testing!

Twinco is a leading supplier in the flange rental business. Twinco rents blind flanges for the testing of valves, pipelines, vessels and more.


Why pay full price for a blind flange that you will only use one time?  For a fraction of that price you can RENT a blind flange from us.

Twinco has a blind flange inventory that is second to none. We carry common sizes as well as the hard-to-find sizes — from ½” to 72”. Twinco can supply you with everything you need including studs and nuts for all flanges. We also
supply flexitallic and paper gaskets and rings for RTJ flanges.  


All flanges are available in RF, RTJ and Seal Ring Groove (O-ring groove). All flanges are available with a tapped hole or blind for your convenience.

* We can provide new material with Material Test Reports or new unused surplus material in excellent condition.

Weekend Call Outs (832) 434-3996 / (832) 434-3988
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