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Twinco Industrial Products Company is a top provider of new and surplus flanges and fittings for the petrochemical, pipeline, welding and construction industries.

Twinco is a leading supplier in the flange rental business.


Twinco rents blind flanges for the testing of valves, pipelines, vessels and more. Why pay for a blind flange that you will only use one time?


Twinco has one of the widest varieties of new and surplus flanges!


Twinco can supply you with brand new flanges with Material Test Reports as well as surplus flanges with Certificates of Conformance.


Twinco stocks valves in carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and alloy.

From ½” to 54”, new and surplus valves are available in threaded, butt-weld and flanged connections.


Twinco wants you to get everything you will need in one place.


If you have a need for butt-weld, flanged or threaded fittings, look no further!

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Twinco can save you money when you rent our blinds for your testing needs. Whether you need ANSI, API or MSS Blinds, we have them in our rental inventory.

*We also carry all the ancillary components you may need to complete your testing!


We can provide new material with Material Test Reports or new unused surplus material in excellent condition.  


Twinco has been in business since 1978 and has been supplying Houston, TX, the Gulf Coast as well as the entire country since that time with great products, timely service and a friendly smile!

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